Level of Compression

Light Compression is a light control which offers comfortable wear for all day use.

Moderate Compression offers more compression without compromising comfort and you may wear moderate compression garments for daily use.

Firm Compression is designed to contour your body, you can wear firm compression garments daily, on special occasions and for fitness. The more you wear it, the more effectiveness it has in shaping your body.

High Compression molds your body and can also be worn while working out.


What type of area do you want to enhance?

Full Body- For a sleeker physique, try a full body piece which provides control of your complete tummy area and back and also at times includes arm shapers.

Abdominal/Toros- To define and sculpt your belly, waist or back, try one of our waist trainers/tummy shapers.

Bottom- If you’ll like to slim down your lower body, try butt-lifting shorts, contour leggings and hip shapers, you have all kinds of options to help accentuate your bottom.